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The Honda Civic Hybrid is designed to save you even more money than the Civic usually does; it can run on electricity or fuel, making it easy to get a lot of miles on a tank of gas. Should you need to replace any parts on it, then buy OEM Honda parts for exact fit replacement parts.

Cooling System Parts- If the engine seems to be running warm and you don’t hear the fan running, your Civic Hybrid may need a new fan motor. We have fans, blades, radiators and hoses.

Grilles – Keep the radiator protected by replacing a broken grille. The grille helps keep large items out of the engine compartment, so if it’s missing, you might damage fans or belts. We have grilles, bumpers, doors and other body parts.

Oil Filters – A new oil filter keeps dirt and debris out of your engine, so anytime you change the oil, put a new filter in. We have oil filters and other maintenance items like belts and hoses.

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