All About the Front Engine Mounts on Your Honda and How to Replace a Bad One

Are you a Honda owner who’s looking to replace your front engine mounts? This buyer’s Guide will help you get it done.

How to Replace a Front Engine Mount on a Honda Accord

Replacing your Honda Accord front engine mount yourself? This tutorial has all the information you need.

How to Diagnose a Deteriorating Front Engine Mounting

A worn engine mount won't properly support the engine and Your ride quality will suffer from excess noise and vibration. Here's what else to watch for.

What is a Front Engine Mount and Why is it Important For Your Honda?

Engine mounts don't require regular maintenance, but they can wear out over time. Find out more about engine mounts and their importance here.

10 Things You Need to Car Camp in a Honda Pilot

The 2019 Honda Pilot is big enough to camp in without a tent - here's our list of camping must-haves.

The Honda Owner’s Guide to Power Steering Pumps

A power steering pump typically lasts the life of the car, but sometimes it will fail sooner than expected. Here's everything you need to know if yours fails.

How to Replace a Power Steering Pump Assembly in a Honda Pilot

It costs several hundred dollars to have your power steering pump replaced at a shop. Want to skip the hefty price tag and do it yourself? Here's how.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Power Steering Pump?

If you’ve got a bad power steering pump, chances are you’re wondering what the repair is going to cost you. Here's an idea of what you'll spend.

Where Do All The Ridgelines Live?

Curious to find out which US states have the most Ridgeline drivers? Check it out - the results may surprise you!

How to Diagnose a Failing Power Steering Pump

Be aware of the signs of a failing power steering pump in your Honda and how to diagnose the issue before it damages other components.

What Is a Power Steering Pump Assembly and Why Is it Important?

The job of the power steering pump is to pump hydraulic fluid into the steering system. Learn more about it and why it's important.

Honda Shock Absorber Buyer's Guide

Is it time to get new shock absorbers for you Honda? Here’s a summary of everything you need to know before buying.

How to Replace Your Honda's Shock Absorbers

Replacing the shocks on the rear of your Honda may sound a bit intimidating but it's actually a project you can pull off at home. Here's how.

History of the Honda Civic: 1st Generation Through 10th Generation

The Honda Civic is one of America's best-selling and most reliable cars - and that's why we've created this free ebook for Honda Civic drivers and enthusiasts.

Are OE Shock Absorbers Better Than Aftermarket Shocks?

There are two types of shock absorbers on the market: OEM and Aftermarket. We’ll discuss which is better.

How to Diagnose a Failing Shock Absorber

A Failing shock absorber can be fairly easy to diagnose. We’ll show you how.

What Is a Shock Absorber and Why Is It Important?

Shock absorbers keep your Honda's tires firmly planted on the ground, and worn out shocks can seriously jeopardize your safety. Find out more about the role of shock absorbers.

OEM vs Aftermarket Shocks and Struts: Are They Really Better?

If your Honda needs new shocks or struts, you'll know it. But should you buy after-market shocks and struts, OEM, or something nicer? We'll help you decide.

Are OEM Brake Pads Better Than Aftermarket Brake Pads?

Here's the million dollar question: Should you get OEM or aftermarket brake pads for your Honda? We've got the answer.

Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption: What You Need to Know

Is your Honda Odyssey eating up oil? You’re not alone - here's what other Odyssey owners are doing about it.

5 Surprising Things Your Odyssey Can Tow

The Honda Odyssey can pull up to 3,500 pounds, and to give you an idea of what that looks like, check out these 5 surprising things that fall within its towing capacity.

A Price History of the Honda Civic Si

Honda Fans: Check out this infographic showcasing the evolution of Honda Civic pricing and features over the years.

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