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Turning to the dealership is not your only option when you want real OEM parts — when you buy from the dealership, you are actually going through a third party who is just ordering parts for you. offers you real factory parts at wholesale prices you can afford — we don’t try to make up for our low prices on parts by inflating shipping costs. Our store is easy and quick to order from, and you will get your parts just as fast as if they had to be ordered from your local dealership, if not faster.

Floor Mats – The floor mats protect your carpeting from damage and wear from regular use. If your Insight floor mats are missing or damaged, they can no longer provide the protection your carpet needs. Replace them with the factory floor mats to save your carpet from being destroyed.

Brake Pads – Your Honda Insight’s brake pads are an extremely part of the car’s braking system. The pads are meant to create friction that equates to stopping power — if the pads are too worn and can’t do their job, your vehicle will not be able to stop safely. Do not take any chances with worn brake pads, replace this part as soon as wear is evident.

Door Handles – The door handles on your car are especially vulnerable to damage because they are located on the outside of your vehicle. They can be damaged by people walking by & bumping into the vehicle, children pulling on them too hard while the vehicle is locked, or in a collision. If your door handle is damaged, replace it with the OEM part from to restore proper function. has these parts, and many more, for your Honda Insight. Shop with us and you will get the best selection of real OEM parts — we do not carry fake or imitation parts, all parts are factory! Call us at 1-888-732-1568 with any questions about parts or if you need assistance placing your order. When you are ready to buy your Honda Insight parts, get them now from