Honda S2000 Paper Model

While the S2000 was cancelled a few years ago, we’ve found a way to give a brand new Honda S2000 to anyone who wants one. Check out our DIY S2000, available for free online.

Honda S2000 Paper Model

All you need to do is build it!*

DIY S2000’s Key Features

  • Zero maintenance
  • Unlimited speed – it’s every bit as fast as you imagine it is
  • The vehicle doesn’t burn a drop of gasoline, no matter how far you drive it
  • Replacement tires are very affordable, which means you can hoon it as much as you like without getting hit in the wallet
  • You can race this car without a helmet (only wearing a helmet while your race your paper S2000 is pretty fun)
  • If your S2000 gets damaged, just bust out some Elmers® glue and fix it up.
  • Essentially zero emissions

Does it sound like the perfect car? You bet it does.

Honda S2000 Paper Right RearHonda S2000 Paper Top ViewHonda S2000 Paper Right Front

Click any of the images above for a larger view.

DIY S2000 Assembly Instructions

  1. Download our free PDF here.
  2. Print it out. We suggest printing on some heavy stock paper with a glossy finish, which is readily available at your local print shop. They’ll be able to print the colors really nicely too.
  3. Grab a hobby knife, some glue, and a cutting pad.
  4. Watch this assembly video on YouTube
  5. Have fun! Hopefully your S2000 will like the one in the photo, but if it doesn’t, you can always try again.

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*Just so no one thinks we’re trying to pull a fast one, this is not a real car. It’s a paper model of an S2000, not the real thing. So, you know, when we say we’re giving away a brand new S2000, we’re talking about a design for a paper model.