How to Replace a Honda Key Battery

Remote entry systems are a valued part of any vehicle, especially your Honda.  They allow you to lock and unlock your car with ease and can even set off a panic alarm in case of an emergency.

If the battery in your keyless entry remote is running low, you’ll notice a decrease in range and eventually a lack of response.  Replacing your Honda key battery is easy and takes less than five minutes.

Here’s how to replace your Honda remote entry fob battery in five easy steps.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Replacing Your Honda Key Battery

1. Determine Your Battery Type
Flip over your keyless entry remote and look for the battery type written on the back.  If the battery type is illegible, don’t worry.  Once you open the fob, the battery type will be written on the existing battery.

2. Open your Honda Key Fob
If your keyless entry remote has a screw, remove it using a jeweler’s screwdriver.  Separate the two halves of your remote using a small flathead screwdriver.  Exert gentle pressure to avoid damaging the key.

3. Remove the Dead Battery
Note the position of the positive and negative sides of the battery in the remote when you remove it.  This will ensure you install your new battery properly.  Be careful not to touch the battery terminals with your fingers.  The oils in your skin can corrode the terminals and result in a shorten the life of your remote.

4. Insert the New Battery
The new battery should go in the same position as the old.  If you’re unsure, look for the positive (+) and negative (-) marks inside your keyless entry fob.

5. Reconnect the Two Halves of Your Honda Keyless Entry Remote
Align the two halves of the fob and apply gentle pressure until you hear the remote snap together.

Test your remote to ensure it’s working properly.  If you’ve purchased multiple batteries, leave the remaining batteries in the packaging and tape them inside your glovebox.  Do not apply tape directly to the battery, the adhesive will effect its conductivity.