All About the Front Engine Mounts on Your Honda and How to Replace a Bad One

Honda mount

Are you a Honda owner who’s looking to replace your front engine mounts? Or are you just curious about all things front engine mounts? This buyer’s guide is just what you need. Here, you will learn:

  • What front engine mounts are
  • How to determine that you’ve got a bad mount
  • How to replace the mount

What is a Front Engine Mount?

Your engine has four rubber mounts holding it in place. The mounts make your car much nicer to drive because they absorb engine vibration. They also keep the engine from moving around too much when you make turns and stops. Read more about what front engine mounts are and how they work: What is a Front Engine Mount and Why is it Important For Your Honda?

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Front Engine Mount?

When one of your front engine mounts goes bad, your Honda’s ride quality becomes much worse. If your ride quality suddenly feels off, then chances are one of your mounts has gone bad. The most common symptoms are:

  • Excess noise
  • Increased vibration
  • A rougher drivetrain feel when the gears are shifted
  • Increased wheel hop on hard acceleration

If you suspect that you have a bad front engine mount, it’s worth taking about 10 minutes to diagnose the issue.

How to Diagnose a Deteriorating Front Engine Mount

The best way to confirm that one of your front engine mounts is bad is to watch your engine while torque is applied to it. Have a helper keep one foot firmly on the brakes. Then, have them put the car in gear and give the car just a little gas, while you watch the engine. The whole process is outlined here: How to Diagnose a Deteriorating Front Engine Mounting

How to Replace a Front Engine Mount

If you have basic hand tools and some experience around the engine bay, you can replace your front engine mount yourself. There are some YouTube tutorials you can follow for your Honda. If you own an Accord, you can use this step-by-step tutorial: How to Replace a Front Engine Mount on a Honda Accord

How to Find a Genuine OEM Replacement Front Engine Mount For Your Car

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