How to Replace a Front Engine Mount on a Honda Accord

Have you determined that one of your front engine mounts is bad? The next thing you have to do is to decide whether you want to hire a shop to replace it or tackle the project yourself.

If you have basic hand tools and a little experience, you can save quite a bit of money by doing it yourself. Considering that shops charge about $100 per hour for labor, the replacement costs can add up quickly. Doing it yourself is a great way to cut down on these costs.

This tutorial has all the information you need to tackle this project.

Accord mount

Image Credit: JUrtans channel

First Things First: Get an OEM Replacement Mount

Obviously, it’s impossible to replace your front engine mounting if you don’t already have a replacement part on hand. You can buy an OEM replacement front engine mount from us at wholesale pricing. Take a look at our catalog of front engine mountings to see if we have one for your Accord. For your convenience, we’ve included a list of front engine mounts for Accords dating back to 2008:

We also recommend buying a replacement vacuum hose and a replacement bolt (that goes through the front engine mount), as well.

Replacing the Front Engine Mount

Once your new OEM front engine mount comes in, it’s time to roll up your sleeves.

Before we begin, we want to note that this tutorial is based on the 2004 Accord. But you should still be able to follow it with an older or newer Accord model.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Lift your Accord. Just make sure you do it safely. You will need jack stands.
  2. Grab a scrap piece of 2x4 and a floor jack. Place the wood between the jack and the transmission. Raise the floor jack just enough so the wood touches the transmission. Don’t start cranking until you loosen all of the bolts.
  3. With angle pliers, pop off the old vacuum hose that’s connected to the faulty front engine mount.
  4. Go into the engine bay and then remove the coolant reservoir.
  5. Remove the front mount strap.
  6. Remove the mounting bolt that goes into the engine.
  7. Remove the four bolts holding the mount in place.
  8. Gently crank up the floor jack enough to lift the engine off of the engine mounting.
  9. Remove the old engine mounting. It may be a bit tricky because it’s a pretty tight fit with all the hoses and fans around the part.
  10. Install the new front engine mount in the reverse order.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the replacement process.