Where Do All The Ridgelines Live?

It's been 13 years since the Honda Ridgeline made its debut. Now on it's second generation, the Ridgeline is still a truck ahead of it's time.

We were curious which US states have the most Ridgeline drivers, so we did a little research. The results may surprise you.

Ridgeline IG

When you look at total drivers per state, the results seem typical. For the most part, the heavily populated states have the most Ridgeline drivers. However, the per capita breakdown tells a different story.

Washington D.C., New Jersey, and Florida made the "Top 10 States Driving the Honda Ridgeline (Per Capita)" list. We think that is most likely because people in those states need a truck that does equally well as a comfortable, economical daily driver as it does hauling larger loads. Surprisingly, it also sells well in Colorado, where off-road ability is valued. We think this shows that the Ridgeline is a capable all around truck.

Why do you think the Ridgeline is popular in some areas over others?