Troubleshooting Noises in Your Honda's Cabin Air Filter

Honda cabin air filter noise

Auto filters prevent debris from flowing around your Honda. The cabin air filter on your Honda is no exception. Cabin air filters on vehicles stop the travel of pollutants. Without it, dust, pollen, and dirt would pose a real risk. They travel in through air vents, and contaminate your cabin. When there’s a noise coming from the cabin air filter, it signals trouble. Here’s how to decode any noises from the Honda cabin air filter.

Cabin Air Filter Noises and What They Mean

1. Constant whistling at any speeds. If you’re getting constant whistling at all speeds, you have a problem. The good news is, it’s likely an easy fix. The cause of whistling at all speeds is an incorrectly positioned cabin air filter. Meaning, it is installed wrong, or is out of position. Check that the air filter is installed in the right direction, and is seated.

2. Whistling at high speeds only. A whistling at high speeds indicates something different. This usually isn’t accredited to incorrect installation. The common cause of a high setting whistling is a punctured air filter.

3. Vibrating noises from the filter. When you hear vibrating noises, there’s usually one culprit. This is almost always a sign that it’s time to replace the cabin air filter.

Other Signs of Trouble and When to Replace

The cabin air filter is a serviceable part that’s meant to be replaced. Besides noises, you may notice a decrease in air flow from the vents. This is an indicator that the filter is mucked up, and air cannot flow freely. Passengers may also notice a musky smell inside your Honda. This happens when pollutants are not being properly filtered.

Without noticeable signs of failure, you should go by guidelines for replacement intervals. Generally speaking, replacement should happen after around 15,000 miles of driving. If you drive in dusty or smoggy areas, it should be changed sooner. Consult your owner’s manual for more information on replacement frequency.

Replacing your Honda cabin air filter is inexpensive and easy. When you replace it with a genuine OEM filter, you’ll yield the best results. OEM filters have been proven to outperform aftermarket brands. Find OEM Honda cabin air filters here.