Odyssey Tailgate Won't Stay Open? Here's How To Fix It

Odyssey liftgate strut

Lift gate strut failure can be a dangerous problem, if not just completely annoying. Should these struts show signs of failure or wear, steer clear of the lift gate, and replace them right away. Here’s the run down on fixing this issue.

When a Lift Gate Strut Fails

The struts that hold your Odyssey tailgate up are gas powered support rods. They raise and hold up the power lift gate, where equipped. Some times the struts fail to hold and the tailgate and closes under its own power. This happens when the struts have a loss of pressure, or failed internal parts. The lift gate will fall down, or just outright fail to stay up.

Replacing Your Life Gate Struts

Replacement of lift gate struts is easy. You’ll want to enlist the aid of a helper to make it easier and safer.

First, you’ll need your parts. Search our site for the lowest prices on lift gate struts. They’re available individually, but replacing them both at the same time is recommended.

Year                   Part Number Right       Part Number Left
2005-2008 74820SHJA01 74820SHJA01
2009-2010 74820SHJA21 74820SHJA21
2011-2015 74820TK8A01 74870TK8A01
  • Once you have the replacements in hand, have your helper open the lift gate all the way.
  • Using a flathead screwdriver, pry off the clip holding the struts in place, one side at a time.
  • Inspect the mounts to make sure they are free of damage and rust.
  • Use the clips to put the new struts in place at the mounting posts.
  • Carefully let go of the lift gate, it should hold up now.
  • Test to make sure it closes properly, if not, the struts aren’t all the way on.

Now you’re done, it was that easy!