Odyssey - Not Your Average Minivan: Custom Honda Odyssey Builds

The Honda Odyssey takes the shame out of driving a minivan. It’s full of features, comforts, and is not hurting for style. To prove that the Odyssey is hardly your ‘average’ minivan, here are some of the coolest builds around.

Bisimoto Honda Odyssey is No Joke

Custom Odyssey 1

At 1,029 horsepower, this Honda Odyssey isn’t just impressive for a minivan. It’s impressive, period. It has a custom built J35 V6 with BTX7265 turbo, custom interior, 6-speed transmission, and tons more. Watch it roast a set of tires here.

Honda Odyssey RB3-4

Custom Odyssey 2

This Honda Odyssey is slick looking. It was spotted at the 2014 Custom Car Auto Show in Japan 2014. Complete with a custom body kit and lighting, this minivan is something else. You can find a video walk around of it here.

Bagged Odyssey

Custom Odyssey 3

This custom bagged Odyssey has on point styling. Complete with custom bags, 20” gold Work Meister wheels, paint work, and tint, it’s quite the looker.

Drag Racing Odyssey

Custom Odyssey 4

The mods of this mysterious 2005 Honda Odyssey are unknown to us, but it hardly seems stock. We found this race video of it challenging a 1981 Chevy Malibu. There were a lot of laughs to be had until it leaves the line. It didn’t win, but it did pretty good against the classic muscle car.

Sinister Odyssey

Custom Odyssey 5

This lowered matte black Odyssey is seriously good looking. It’s complete with smoked tail lights, tinted headlights, HID bulbs, 22” wheels, and blacked out windows.

These Honda Odysseys all break the minivan stereotype. Maybe you want to keep your minivan stock, do some appearance mods, or beef it up further. Always remember to use OEM service parts<, null, null, null, null)">here.