My Honda Shakes More The Faster I Drive - What's The Fix?

So you’re Honda is vibrating, but it’s doing so under acceleration? Let’s talk about this specific problem and what you can do to pinpoint the problem and fix it!

Small Honda suv

General Tech Information About Vibration During Acceleration

Vibrations that occur during acceleration, deceleration, sudden speed changes, and when you hit bumps are typically indicative of problems with the suspension components. If your Honda shakes and shudders on rough roads or when hitting a bump, it’s usually an indicator of worn shocks. Shuddering from the vehicle that comes and goes with changes in vehicle speed can sometimes mean issues with the torque converter.

Other Common Causes

Out of balance wheels. The is an extremely common problem that will make your Honda shake and vibrate. The faster you accelerate, the more noticeable the problem will become. Any tire shop can check the balance on your wheels and rebalance them cheaply if that’s the problem.

Misfires. Engine problems will cause vibrations as your vehicle struggles to get up to speed. The most common causes of misfiring are worn spark plugs or damaged plug wires. A quick visual inspection will help you discover which — if not both — systems are causing the issue. Further diagnosis usually starts by scanning for DTC trouble codes that indicate which cylinder is misfiring.

Worn ball joints. The ball joints keep your suspension tight when the suspension and body move. When they wear, shaking and popping are pronounced during acceleration since it causes a shift in weight.

Fuel system issues. If your car is being deprived of fuel, it will shake under acceleration — this is usually joined by erratic RPMs. Check your fuel filter, this is the most common culprit of fuel deprivation.

Clogged transmission filter. As the transmission struggles to get through gears due to fluid deprivation, it will cause the transmission to shake — these shakes can be felt throughout the car. A clogged transmission filter needs to be replaced before internal components are damaged.

Still not finding the issue? Check out some of our tips from part 1 of this series on shaking Hondas — it explains what’s going on when your Honda is shaking as you drive. Also, stay tuned for further information — next up is coverage on Hondas that shake when you rev the engine.