Modified 2000 Honda Odyssey-Riding In Style

Modified 2000 Honda Odyssey1

Who ever said mini-vans were boring? No one who has ever rolled around in this modified 2000 Honda Odyssey!

Slammed to the ground and rolling around on 20” wheels, you probably won’t see this mini-van at soccer practice.

Modified 2000 Honda Odyssey2

Modified 2000 Honda Odyssey3

In addition to aftermarket wheels, this Odyssey also rocks some pretty hefty ground effects.

From rocker panel extensions, to a crazy front air dam with aftermarket fog lights, you have to wonder how it ever makes it over speed bumps.

There’s something else you don’t see on many mini-vans, a rear spoiler. This one has one around the rear hatch to add a sporty look and increase downforce.

Custom sounds come through an aftermarket stereo — that is when you’re not watching TV or playing your favorite video game from the console tucked under the front seats.

Modified 2000 Honda Odyssey4

Modified 2000 Honda Odyssey5

We bet anyone who has taken a ride in this Odyssey probably has a completely changed view of mini-vans forever!