For Under $12K, This 1989 CR-X Packs a Mean Punch

What comes to mind when you think of a Honda CR-X? Certainly not a flashy car with a whole lot of cool, modern features, right? Well, you might change your mind after seeing this heavily modified 1989 CR-X Si.

Modded CRX 6

Photo credit: eBay user bassboyaudio

The first thing we noticed about this unique CR-X is that it doesn’t look like it came out of the 80s. Rather, it looks like an early-2000s concept CR-X packed with futuristic features, including remote-controlled Lambo doors. It’s probably because the car has been fitted with a Black Widow wide body kit that basically eliminated the 80s look.

Modded CRX 1

If you showed this car to a person in 1989, they’d marvel over the not-yet-invented sunroof with fake scoop, Xbox installed in the passenger side dash, and back-up camera.

There’s also the new double exhaust tip, G-Force racing seats, chrome RTX wheels, and the Monte Carlo steering wheel.

Modded CRX 2

Some of the more subtle modifications include a new 20 Farad capacitor, a rear brake disc conversion, and an adjustable drop.

The detailed airbrushed paint job definitely turns heads on the street and at car shows. The seller wrote that this car won a lot of car show awards, though they weren't specified.

Modded CRX 6

Modded CRX 5

Also turning heads on the street (only at night) are the neon blue underbody LED lights.

Modded CRX 7

If you can’t see this CR-X coming down the road, you can at least hear it. It's equipped with a Soundstream sound system, including subwoofers, an amplifier, and a radio flip-out screen.

Modded CRX 8

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