7 Honda Accessories For Your New Ridgeline

After taking a year off to recoup, the Honda Ridgeline is back and refreshed for its second generation! If you've sat behind the wheel of one of these trucks, you know they have a lot to offer. Check out these genuine OEM accessories to help you get the most out of your Honda Ridgeline:

High Wall All-Season Mats

Honda Ridgeline Mat 08P17-T6Z-100

Whether your Ridgeline's main purpose is work or fun, keeping a debris-free floor is difficult when you're dragging snow, dirt, and mud into the cab. Not only does a set of easy-cleaning high-wall weather mats keep all the undesirables off the carpet, but it has the durability to protect through all seasons. Plus, the perfect foot well fit, jet black finish and molded "Ridgeline" logo mix perfectly with the overall look of the truck.

All Season Mat High Wall: 08P17-T6Z-100

Bed Extender

Honda Ridgeline Bed Extender 08L26-T6Z-101

Do you ever wish you had a little more space in your Ridgeline's bed? Increase the cargo area with a bed extender! This tool gives you an extra 16 inches of storage when the tailgate is down for a full 76 inches of room. Whether you're loading for a day on the job or packing for a weekend of camping, that extra space makes a world of difference.

Bed Extender Regular: 08L26-T6Z-101


Honda Ridgeline tent 08Z04-T6Z-100A

That's right! With this tent, you can actually turn the bed of your Ridgeline into a bed. Custom designed to fit the Ridgeline's bed, this tent is great for tailgating and also allows access to the rear cab window.

Bed Tent: 08Z04-T6Z-100A

Splash Guards

Honda Ridgeline splashguard 08P08-T6Z-100

Why invest in splash guards? Well, they'll protect your paint job from rocks and flying debris, for one. The other reason is that they enhance the cool-factor of your truck.

Front Splash Guard: 08P08-T6Z-100

Rear Splash Guard: 08P09-T6Z-100

Running Boards

Honda Ridgeline running board 08L33-T6Z-100

The Ridgeline already sports an aggressive look, but these running boards will take it to the next level. They'll also increase your side protection and give you a place to set your feet when hopping in and out of your Ridgeline. Plus, different finishes allow for more customization.

Running Board, Black: 08L33-T6Z-100

Running Board, Chrome: 08L33-T6Z-100A

Running Board, Illuminated: 08L33-T6Z-100B

Adventure Attachments

Honda Ridgeline bike mount kit 08L07-TA1-10004

Do you surf? Snowboard? Kayak? Bike? Then there's an attachment for you to make transporting your gear easy. These kits offer quick installation and even simpler functionality, and they're ready to accompany you on your next trip.

Kayak Tie Down Kit: 08L09-TA1-100R2

Bicycle Tube Assembly: 08L07-TA1-10004

Snowboard Hardware Kit: 08L03-E09-1M0B2

Surfboard Hardware Kit: 08L05-TA1-10003

Heated Steering Wheel

Honda Ridgeline heated steering wheel 08U97-TG7-111

You know those winter mornings where the steering wheel is too cold to touch? This heated steering wheel attachment dramatically reduces the risk of your hands freezing to the wheel while you're pulling out of the driveway.

Headed Steering: 08U97-TG7-111

Have questions about any of these accessories? Give us a call - we know these parts inside and out, and we'd be happy to steer you in the right direction.