Honda Engine Codes - P1456

Evaporative Emissions Control System Leakage Fuel Tank

What it means: OBD-II code P1456 represents a problem with the EVAP control system on your Honda.

The EVAP control system on your Honda temporarily stores fuel vapors from the fuel tank in a canister to stop it from escaping into the atmosphere. It is then drawn into the engine via the intake manifold and burned. The onboard refueling vapor recovery system, or ORVR, also stores fuel vapors caused by refueling in the EVAP canister.

Honda gas cap

A faulty fuel cap could set off this engine code.

The leak detection method of the EVAP control system improves the accuracy and frequency of the detection by identifying faulty components and vapor leakage. This system is divided into two parts: the EVAP canister side and the tank side.

Common causes of the P1456 code include:

  • Missing fuel cap
  • Incorrect fuel filler cap
  • Open fuel filler cap
  • Substance in fuel filler cap

If you have this code, know that it’s a pretty easy fix. Start by doing a visual inspection to make sure your cap is there and it is properly in place. If it appears to be on right, try resetting the code and move forward with troubleshooting. Should the code return, verify that you are using the correct filler cap for your application. Also, clean the cap and seal to make sure debris isn’t causing any problems.

While every effort was made to offer correct information to Honda owners, please consult a professional before doing any major repairs to your car. This guide is simply meant to explain the trouble code P1456, and is not meant to be a definitive repair guide.