The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Offers More Range Than Toyota's Mirai

When we decided to work with Olathe Toyota Parts Center to compare Honda and Toyota fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) side-by-side, one thing stands out: While the vehicles are very, very similar, the Toyota Mirai will run out of fuel about 50 miles sooner than the Honda Clarity. While 50 miles might not seem like a big difference on paper, we suspect it will be a huge deal when California drivers are trying to reach the next hydrogen fueling station. With a limited number of hydrogen stations (at least right now), every mile counts.

Clarity vs Mirai IG

Still, aside from this difference (and the Clarity Fuel Cell's larger seating capacity), the two cars are substantially similar:

  • Both the Mirai and Clarity Fuel Cell weigh about 4,100lbs
  • Both have an equivalent gas mileage of about 68mpg (the Honda is one mpg higher)
  • Both feature similar sized fuel cell stacks (about 100kW), similar performance (9 second 0-60), etc.

NOTE: With credit to Toyota for bold styling, we think the Clarity Fuel Cell is a much more attractive vehicle than the Mirai.

Clarity Fuel Cell Features

Other advantages of the Clarity Fuel Cell include: 24/7 Roadside Assistance, $15,000 in fuel credits, and a carpool lane sticker, even if you're riding alone. Although you can ride in the carpool lane by yourself in a Clarity Fuel Cell, the entire powertrain is under the hood, increasing interior space. The Clarity Fuel Cell seats five, whereas the Mirai only has room for 4 passengers.

Clarity 2017

Honda has also included a Collision Mitigation Brake System, stability control, and their standard high quality crashworthiness that keeps Honda customers safe and sound. Since the Clarity Fuel Cell is part of a new model lineup (alongside a Clarity gas electric hybrid and a Clarity electric only), we believe parts will be easier to obtain (and less costly) for the Clarity Fuel Cell than the Mirai.

But still, both of these zero emission cars have many similarities. We feel pretty confident in the Clarity Fuel Cell vs. the Mirai, but whichever vehicle you choose, it's safe to say the future of fuel cell vehicles is bright.