A Price History of the Honda Civic Si

Honda fans will appreciate our new graphic showcasing how some key Honda Civic Si features have changed over the years, including price (actual and inflation-adjusted MSRPs).

Civic price history IG

We looked at seven model years to show you how curb weight, horsepower, and fuel economy have advanced. While the Civic Si does cost a bit more these days, it also has more than double the power. For an inflation-adjusted $7k, that doesn't seem like a bad trade-off.

Quick Facts About The Civic Si

The Honda Civic Si is beloved for a few reasons, most notably its speed and style. But there are a few other things about the Civic Si that make it unique.

  • The Honda Civic Si (Si is short for "Sport Injection") first showed up in the United States in 1985 during the Civic's third generation.
  • By 1992, the design of the Civic was contested. Some loved the larger front end, but others were turned off by its shape, calling it "doughy," "egg," and "jellybean."
  • The Civic Si went on hiatus from 1996-1998. (We're glad it came back in 1999!)
  • 2008 was a special year. It brought about the limited edition Honda Civic Mugen Si Sedan. Only 1,000 were made, and they all came in Fiji Blue Pearl.
  • To keep the price of the 2017 under $30k and ensure long-term engine durability, Honda's latest Si clocks in at 205 horsepwer.

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