Honda Accord Off-Roading: Is This Real Life?

Honda Accords and off-roading aren't two things you'd typically associate with one another. However, there are people out there who do. Here are some brave off-roading Honda Accords.

Accord offroad 1

This Accord owner decided to take to the dirt to try out their drifting skills.

Accord offroad 2

And this Accord owner is about to get into some deep trouble.

Accord offroad 3

The guy with his hands on his face says it all, although it looks like the Accord made it pretty far before losing traction.

Accord offroad 4

Is this a real Honda Accord mud bogger? Or did someone just learn how to use Photoshop?

Accord offroad 6

There’s some mud slinging going on when this Accord is around!

Accord offroad 7

To be fair, there’s probably a road under there somewhere, but we’ll count this one since there’s more snow than asphalt.

Accord offroad 8

This Accord is taking a stroll through this overgrown field.

Accord offroad 9

There’s a long unpaved trip ahead, but we have confidence in this Accord.

Do you take your Accord on off-road adventures? Tell us about it on our Facebook page here.  And always remember to use OEM service parts to keep it trail worthy!