3 Common 2008 Honda Accord Brake Problems

Since its 1976 introduction, the Honda Accord has become known as a reliable and comfortable daily driver for many. In fact, Car and Driver put the Accord on its 10 Best Cars list 30 times, including the 2008 model.

08 Accord

Even the best cars can have problems though, and some 2008 Honda Accords experience unusual brake issues. As a 2008 Honda Accord owner, you want to be aware of these three brake-related complaints. Although they may each be a separate issue, the case more often is one of these problems is directly related to another.

1. Premature Brake Wear

The rear brake pads can wear out before the front pads. According to hondaproblems.com, the 2008 Honda Accord’s "Electronic Brake Distribution" (EBD) system makes braking safer, but this braking system is partly to blame for the premature brake wear.

It’s a good idea to get the pads inspected when you’re having your tires rotated, or you’re doing other routine maintenance because they could be wearing down without showing signs. If you purchased the Accord secondhand, it is possible the brakes were already replaced when Honda was offering rebates for repairs.

To decrease premature wear, avoid cheap replacement pads and consider replacing the discs and calipers.

2. Squeaky Brakes

One Accord owner thought the squealing sound he was hearing came from his tires, not his rear brakes. Again, some 2008 Honda Accords are prone to premature brake wear as well as warped rotors. If you hear squeaks and whines from the back end of your car, whether you’re driving or stopping, have a look at the rear brakes. If there is a problem with the caliper pin, it can also cause brake noise.

Honda Accord caliper sets and sub-assemblies are found here.

3. Warped Rotors

A vibration when stopping can signal a rotor problem. In a normal brake system, the surface of the rotor should be smooth, and both sides should be an equal thickness. Some 2008 Accords have uneven or warped rotors that contribute to rapid pad wear. Additionally, these warped rotors can also cause brake pads to crack, so inspecting and replacing the rotors can save you a big headache.

With any vehicle it’s important to regularly inspect your brakes, rotors, brake pads, and calipers, and 2008 Honda Accord owners should put these inspections on their calendars and don't wait to investigate any vibrating, squealing, or stopping issues that may indicate a brake problem.