Can a Honda Pilot Tow That? Let's Find Out!

The Honda Pilot is a pretty stout vehicle, with a (current) towing capacity of 3,500 to 5,000 pounds. For it’s class, that’s pretty impressive, but we feel like the Honda Pilot doesn’t get nearly enough credit for this. So, to make the case for the Honda Pilot, here are some of these midsize SUVs in action.

Can it tow your Jeep out of a ditch?

Honda tows jeep

In what was probably a pretty embarrassing situation for the Jeep owner, this Honda Pilot was more than adequate to tow a stuck Jeep to solid ground. To see what’s known as a family vehicle snatching one of the most well-recognized off-road ready production vehicles out of a sticky situation, it makes you reconsider the image of the Pilot.

Will it do for your ATVs?

Pilot tows quads

Two ATVs plus the weight of the trailer still put this job well below capacity for the Honda Pilot. Now, throw in some sand and you’ll be able to make good use of the AWD option!

Does the Pilot want to help you move?

Pilot tow trailer

Relocating? The Pilot will have no problem with small enclosed trailers. The important thing to remember is, don’t overweight the trailer or the towing capacity — while it would be interesting seeing someone trying to load 5,000 pounds into a small enclosed trailer, don’t try it. Most of these trailers only have a 500 pound capacity, so it’s not the Pilot you’d need to worry about when you’re trying to get everything stuffed in for one trip.

What if you wanted to spend the day at the lake?

Pilot tows boat
Pilot tows boat2

Need to get your boat to water? That’s no problem if you’re a Honda Pilot owner! Boat towing is one of the most common uses of Pilot tow package.

Will a Honda Pilot take you away?

Pilot tows camper
Pilot tows camper2

Of course! It has no problem handling even very large campers. Whether you’re getting away for the weekend, or going off the grid for a while, you can have your vehicle and your camper at your disposal without any worries.

The high towing capacity combined with options and maneuverability make the Honda Pilot an excellent vehicle if you need to tow and haul, but you also want a reliable commuter vehicle. Check out our selection of Honda Pilot parts to make sure it's ready for the job!