Are Honda Grille Guards Good for Your Honda?

Honda truck grille guard

Honda grille guards are something you hear lots of Honda owners talk about, but what are the real pros and cons of having a Honda grille guard? Let’s break it down so you can decide if outfitting your Honda with a grille guard is a good decision.

Grille Guard Pros

1. Grille Guards add a level of protection. A grille guard is designed to add both cosmetic and functional advantages for drivers of SUVs and trucks (and sometimes cars too). They add a level of protection to your OEM grille and especially headlights.

This level of protection isn’t too high for most types of guards, but will protect against brush, debris, and even minor collisions. Grille guards can also work as a push bar to help move inoperable cars or objects off the road.

2. Nice grille guards add to the look of a vehicle. While grille guards do have functionality, they are usually purchased and installed for cosmetic reasons over practical reasons. Grille guards make vehicles stand out and add an aggressive look. They're available in different styles, like full or partial guards (not to be confused with bull bars or skid plates).

3. Mounting Accessories to the grille guard helps utilize your Honda. These can range from off-road lights to winches and pretty much anything you can affix to the guard.

Grille Guard Cons

While there are many benefits to having a grille guard and very few people complain about them, there are a few things you should know such as:

1. Grille guards can make service more difficult. When you have a full grille guard, it’s going to be more difficult to access the headlights on some vehicles without engine bay access to headlights.

2. Some complain about the low level of protection. This isn’t so much of a con as it is something to keep in mind — grille guards aren’t going to add high impact protection to your vehicle. They are only meant to protect against branches popping up from the road and similar level of impact - so protection from a high speed crash is not something you can expect.

3. You might not actually like the way it looks. One thing to keep in mind is that grille guards might not suit your taste. Search online for your same model and year Honda with the grille guard you want installed to see if you like the look before you buy.

Otherwise, most find grille guards to be a great investment. They’re also removable, so you don’t have to make major changes to your Honda — and you can move it to another vehicle if you trade-in. Just make sure you find the one you want, in the finish you like, and you’ll be happy with the outcome.