5 Surprising Things Your Odyssey Can Tow

We’ve got a piece of trivia that may surprise you: the Honda Odyssey can pull up to 3,500 pounds. That’s more than what the Subaru Forester, Nissan Rogue, or even most Jeep models can haul. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

To give you an idea of what kind of stuff your mighty ol’ Odyssey can pull, we found a few surprising things that fall within its towing capacity:

1. A Honda Civic With 4 Adults Inside

With the average Civic weighing 2,800 pounds and the average adult weighing 150 pounds, your Odyssey can certainly pull a Civic with 4 adults without any issues. It’s a handy vehicle to own in case of an emergency that involves a compact car with people inside.

2. A Speedboat

With your Odyssey, taking your boat to the lake is a piece of cake. As long as your speedboat and its trailer have a combined weight of under 3,500 pounds, you should be good.

3. An Enclosed Trailer With 2 Grand Pianos Inside

Who needs a moving truck when you’ve got an Odyssey? An average 6x12 enclosed trailer weighs 1,200 pounds and a grand piano weighs 990 pounds. That’s a total of 3,180 pounds. Actually, you can throw in a couple of piano players, too. You know your Odyssey can handle it.

4. A Camper

Odyssey towing camper

Image credit: OdyClub.com user ti-ben

Some lightweight campers weigh under 3,500 pounds. If you find one, your family can pile into your Odyssey and you can take them anywhere you want with your RV in tow.

5. A Horse Trailer With a Horse Inside

Got a horse you need to drive around? Let your Odyssey do all the work! A horse trailer weighs less than a ton and a horse is roughly 1,000 pounds. That leaves about 500 pounds for hay, horseback riding gear, or a couple of equestrians.

Odyssey Towing Safety Tips

When it comes to towing parts, OEM is always the way to go because OEM parts are sturdy, high-quality, and designed for proper fitment with your Odyssey. You need a hitch (part no. 08L92-TK8-100), a ball joint, wiring harness (part no. 08L91-TK8-100), and more.

Before hitching up your Odyssey, check out the following important towing safety tips:

  • To ensure that you don’t lose control over your Odyssey or trailer, avoid driving over 55 mph on the highway
  • When backing up with a trailer, never let it jackknife, which means bend towards your Odyssey by more than 90 degrees
  • Stay at least 4 seconds behind the car ahead
  • Tap your brakes while going downhill to avoid burning them out
  • Before embarking on your trip, inspect all the lights, brakes, and fluids
  • To ensure stability, set your tongue weight to 10%-15% of the trailer’s total weight