11 Old-School Honda Civic Ads That'll Take You Back

Before car ads took up prime spots during the Super Bowl and featured an incoherent Matthew McConaughey mumbling about the American dream, most people saw new vehicles in print spots with a lot of Times New Roman.

The Honda Civic was no exception. Take a walk with us down memory lane, and check out these 11 awesome vintage Civic ads:


Honda Ad Wagon

That story had a really happy ending. It may be the perfect bedtime story!


Honda Ad Four Wh Drive

In a world where crossover AWD SUVs reign supreme, 4WD wagons are still somewhat of a rarity. This just shows how ahead of the curve Honda was with their engineering.


Honda Ad Lowest Price

When this ad ran in 1982, a Civic Hatchback retailed for $4,799. Adjusted for inflation, that’s still only $12,000. What a steal!


Honda Ad Quotes

If this ad wasn’t in black and white, that Civic would be blushing from the gushing reviews.


Honda Ad Then Now

*Sniff sniff* They grow up so fast! I still remember when little Civic was a 2-door. Now look at ‘em - a whole four doors!


Honda Ad Fwd

Instead of full-page glossy magazine inserts, car ads used to be educational, going along with Honda’s tagline of “We make it simple.”


Honda Ad Sports Car

The outline of this 1982 Civic looks more like a hat than a sports car, but we’d still drive it all over town if given the chance.


Honda Ad Depreciate

Bar none, this HAS to be the best zinger of any Honda ad. Ever.


Honda Ad Cargo

In the 1970s, Honda argued that cargo room shouldn’t be a luxury. This ad shows Honda did sweat the small stuff and went to great lengths to prove their point.


Honda Ad mpg

Regular, premium, or unleaded? With a 37/47 fuel economy rating, does it matter?


Honda Ad civic

The Civic Si proved that Honda could make a car cool while keeping it practical. Do you agree?

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