10 Stanced CRXs to Help Stance Your Own!

The stanced trend is still on fire! Offsets, drop kits, wide wheels, rubber band tires, you know the drill. Outsiders might not get it, but it’s all about what you like. If stanced CRXs is your thing, you’re in for a treat! Here’s a collection of 10 cool stanced CRXs.

Stanced CRX 1

Everything about this CRX is a win! The body kit compliments the lines of the design. Awesome wheels and lowering springs bring it full circle.

Stanced CRX 2

Have a good look because this slammed CRX is pretty awesome. There’s nothing better than a clean and stanced ride.

Stanced CRX 3

This could be overboard, or it could be a fierce street car, who knows. We’ll hope it’s the latter. The hood and louvered rear window may be too much for some, but the stance is on point.

Stanced CRX 4

Check out this clean machine. This slick black CRX has the right idea. The wheels are pretty mean too.

Stanced CRX 5

This CRX looks more like a fighter jet than a car. It’s a great representation of what many in the JDM community aspire to create.

Stanced CRX 6

Simple and clean go a long way, as proven by this CRX.

Stanced CRX 7

Upgraded suspension, a drop, and a nice set of wheels is all you need sometimes.

Stanced CRX 8

This cruising stanced CRX looks mean and clean.

Stanced CRX 9

Something about this CRX looks autocross ready. We bet it’s spent some time on a road course or two.

Stanced CRX 10

Have a nice peach Honda CRX to round out the fun. It might be a little much, but it’s certainly unique!

Have these inspired you to start your next project? Don’t forget that maintenance is important, even after you start modding your Honda. Check out our CRX parts selection here for everything from service to replacement parts.