10 Honda Civic Type Rs That Look Amazing

The Honda Civic Type R is a high performing vehicle. It’s made with a lighter body, stiffened chassis, tuned engine, and upgrades to the brakes. It’s truly a great car by Honda. Here are some cool Type Rs to get you through the week.

Amazing Type R 1

First up is the stock 2015 Type R. There’s nothing unique, exactly, about it. However, it’s got the auto community excited about the future of the Type R for sure.

Amazing Type R 2

Slammed and clean are the best ways to describe this Type R.

Amazing Type R 3

Rocking a new hood and set of shoes, this Type R looks ready to race.

Amazing Type R 4

This Type R looks like it’s about to hit the track, competitors beware!

Amazing Type R 5

With a carbon fiber hood and slick black paint job, this Type R is giving off some intimidating vibes.

Amazing Type R 6

This pink Type R concept is head turning for sure!

Amazing Type R 7

A splash of flash on the wheels, and the rest looks like it means business. This Type R looks like it’s out for blood!

Amazing Type R 8

Who wouldn’t want to take a spin around the track in this Type R race car?

Amazing Type R 9

If looks could kill, this 2011 Civic Type R would take us all out!

Amazing Type R 10

As the list says goodbye, so does this racing Type R. With the soft suspension and race tuned engine, it’s a blast to put one of these on the track.

Which one of these Honda Civic Type Rs would you want in your garage? We carry parts here if you’re already a proud owner. Make sure to maintain yours as they’re likely to be worth some value as a collector car in few years.