10 DIY Hacks For Working On Your Honda

Working on your own Honda can save you buckets of cash. When you shop at HondaPartsOnline.net, you get OEM parts at wholesale prices, which saves you even more. If you want to really handle it like a pro, try out these 10 DIY mechanic hacks. Keep in mind this isn’t a boring ol’ ‘how-to'. These are real life tips to help you as an at-home Honda mechanic.

Honda maint tip 1

1. Get a jumpsuit and wear it! You might feel a little awkward wearing one, but it’ll save you a TON on clothes. Trust us, those grease stains are practically impossible to get our of your favorite t-shirt and pair of jeans. Plus, you can look as cool as the Beastie Boys (LOL!).

Honda maint tip 2

2. Keep a bottle of hand cleaner by the sink. Most heavy-duty hand cleaners come in tubes, jugs, and jars. Put it in a regular hand soap dispenser by the sink to make life a little less messy.

Honda maint tip 3

3. Break down moving boxes to lay under the car. This provides a little more comfort than concrete and protects your garage floor.

Honda maint tip 4

4. Before you start working on your Honda, have a plan mapped out for the repairs. Professional mechanics always do this to save time and make sure they don’t overlook anything.

Honda maint tip 5

5. Use compressed air to clean your work area. Before cracking open your Honda, use compressed air to blow off the engine bay and areas around it. This will prevent contaminants getting into vital engine components.

Honda maint tip 6

6. Let your engine warm up a little bit before you change the oil. Don’t run your Honda until it’s hot, but let it warm up for a few minutes. This allows the oil to run thinner and heats up any caked up oil from when it was sitting cold.

Honda maint tip 7

7. Don’t neglect eye wear. Even if you’re just changing the oil, wear eye protection. Even a bit of hot fluid can permanently damage your vision - don’t take chances!

Honda maint tip 8

8. Keep a magnetized grabber by your hands at all times. You never know when a bolt might drop into the wrong place!

Honda maint tip 9

9. Take pictures of the engine bay, under carriage, etc. before getting to work. This helps you see what everything should look like when it's reassembled.

Honda maint tip 10

10. Know your limitations. We don’t mean to sound like your mom, but this is important. If you don’t know what you’re doing, enlist help. A few missteps with your Honda could lead to big issues. We’re not saying don’t work on a project you’re not familiar with, but have someone who has done it before help you.

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