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About the Honda Prelude

Honda Prelude is your leading source for OEM Honda Prelude parts. We have all of the parts you need to maintain or repair your vehicle. Our parts are also very affordable as our process of selling direct to the customers cuts out the middle man. Shop with confidence knowing that low prices are exactly what they seem - we don’t try to “make up for” low parts prices with inflated shipping costs.

Water Pumps – The water pump on your Honda Prelude is an essential component to the car’s cooling system - without it, your car would overheat almost right away. Should your water pump stop functioning properly, do not drive your car again until you replace it with a genuine factory parts.

Door Handles – Your Prelude door handles are especially susceptible to damage because they are positioned on the outside of your car. Careless people walking by your car in a parking lot or your kids pulling too hard on them while the door is locked can cause damage to door handles. Should your door handles on your Prelude become damaged, do not fool with zip ties or other cheap fixes, get your replacement door handles here at an affordable price. Buying an OEM replacement is the only way to restore full function our Honda’s door handle.

Oil Filters – An oil filter is probably a part you do not put a lot of thought into, but you probably should. The oil filter performs a very simple, yet specific, function - it removes contaminants from your oil before they are able to reach vital engine components. Many comparisons have proven that OEM oil filters are superior to any other style.

Buying OEM Honda parts is the only way you can keep your Prelude running like new for as long as possible. No other aftermarket alternative can stack up to the quality and performance of factory parts. We do not carry fake or imitation parts – all parts are factory. If you have any further questions about Honda parts, or need assistance placing your order, do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-732-1568 now. If you are ready to replace worn or broken Honda Prelude parts with real OEM replacements, order them now at