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About the Honda CR-X

Honda CR-X is your leading source for genuine Honda CR-X parts and Honda CR-X accessories. Our massive online catalog includes all kinds of Honda CR-X parts for cars from 1990 and up. All of the parts on are real original factory parts and OEM products — we do not carry fake or imitation Honda CR-X parts. If you need any assistance picking parts or with your purchase, our staff has over 125 years of combined experience with Honda parts and they are ready to offer their knowledge to you the customer.

Visit our easy to use online Honda catalog to find OEM CR-X parts, like these:

Door Handles – The door handles on your CR-X might not seem all that important, unless they are broken in some way. This humble part sits on the exterior of your car and can easily be damaged from careless people passing by in a parking lot, or kids yanking on it too hard to get inside the vehicle. Should it become broken or damaged in some way, replacing it with the factory handle is the only way to restore proper function.

Oil Filters – Using the factory style oil filter for your CR-X is the best choice after every oil change. These superior oil filters are made to the highest quality for the best filtration of your engine’s oil. People who use OEM CR-X oil filters report that their engine runs better and lasts longer than cars that use off-brand filters.

Floor Mats – The floor mats covering the carpet of your CR-X may seem unimportant, but if they are missing or heavily worn, they won’t be able to protect your car’s carpet from staining dirt & damaging debris. Floor mats are also far cheaper to replace than carpeting that has been ruined because your floor mats were not intact.

For all repairs and replacements, big or small, shop with to find the best selection and prices on OEM Honda CR-X parts & accessories. With our selection of OEM CR-X parts, you can get your Honda running like new and staying that way. Buy your Honda parts now from our easy to use online catalog at or call us at 1-888-732-1568 for further assistance with your order.