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The Honda Civic Sedan NGV version runs on natural gas and gains power through unique technology. Additionally, it offers the same amenities you find in any of the other Honda Civic models. You get the same comfortable ride and roomy interior, and it offers all of the features that you expect from Honda.

Air Filters – Change out the air filter on your Civic regularly, and the engine will breathe so much better. We have these and other maintenance parts like oil filters, fuel filters and more.

Door Handles – A door handle that is sticking or dented may need to be replaced. We have all the parts you need to put the door handle back together, including the electric lock and window parts.

Emissions System Parts – When the sensors are operating properly in your emission system, you can expect your engine to run smoothly and efficiently. If you notice it missing, you may need a new sensor. We have replacement sensors and other emission parts for your Civic Sedan NGV.

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