Honda CIVIC 1200 COUPE Years

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The Honda Civic 1200 Coupe is  an economical alternative to a larger passenger car. While it is smaller, it is no way less equipped than the larger passenger cars. When you need parts for your Civic, buy only OEM Honda parts like those found here.

Antennas – The antenna is a tough part, but sometimes it’s no match for a car wash, and if yours is damaged, you aren’t going to enjoy the radio very much. We have replacement antennas, as well as other electrical parts like the battery and alternator.

Brake Pads – Brake pads make sure that the wheels stop when you press the pedal. A squealing sound means that you may need new pads. We have genuine OEM Honda brake pads, as well as other parts like ABS and parking brake parts.

Water Pumps – If the engine starts to overheat, you may have a failing water pump. We have the replacement pump for your Civic.

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