2015 Honda FIT 5-DOOR Trims & Engines

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The 2015 Honda Fit is the first of the third generation and while there were no real design changes this year, the Fit was a bit shorter with a longer wheelbase for more legroom. You take good care of your Honda and replace worn out parts as needed. When you need new parts for your Fit, you buy OEM Fit parts since they are optimized to meet the standards for fit and performance set by Honda.

  • Timing Belts – The timing belt keeps all of the engine components moving and in synch. A belt is made to stretch, but if it stretches too much, you can have engine problems. We have replacement belts for your Fit.
  • MufflerMufflers dampen the sound that your engine makes when the exhaust is sent into the atmosphere. These parts are metal and wear out over time. We have replacement mufflers, pipes and manifolds.
  • Air Filter – Your Fit needs fresh air to breathe, and the air filter keeps dirt and impurities out of your engine. A dirty air filter can cause engine performance issues. We have air filters, oil filters and other filters for your Fit.

Honda Parts Online is one of the largest Honda parts retailers in the United States, so we have a large stock of OEM Honda parts. Buy your new parts today.