2014 Honda ODYSSEY 5-DOOR Trims & Engines

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The 2014 Honda Odyssey has been completely refreshed for this year’s model, which included a new aluminum hood and front fenders, as well as a 6-speed automatic on all trim levels. Since your Odyssey is the perfect family vehicle, you make sure to change the oil and check the fluids at regular intervals. When you need new parts, you buy OEM Odyssey parts that are exact fit replacement parts.

Rear Wiper Blades – The rear wiper keeps your rear window clean. If you notice smeared dirt and are unable to see out the back, you might have a worn out blade. We have replacement wiper blades, arms and washer pumps.

Timing Belts – The timing belt keeps all the engine components moving with the motor. If the belt breaks, you run the risk of severe engine damage. We have belts, pulleys and hoses.

Distributor Caps – The distributor cap houses the spark plugs that your vehicle needs to ignite the fuel. If a plug is bad, your engine may misfire. We have plugs, wires, starters and other electrical parts.

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