2012 Honda Insight Trims & Engines

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The 2012 Honda Insight was redone with upgraded upholstery, steering wheel mounted controls and a map light on the base model. Other upgrades were added to other trim levels, including automatic headlights and premium upholstery or synthetic leather. When you need replacement parts for your Insight, buy OEM Insight parts because they are optimized to meet the performance standards of Honda.

Fuel Pumps – A failing fuel pump may cause your engine to run rough because it's starved for fuel. We have replacement fuel pumps, tanks and gas caps.

Oil Filters – When you change the oil in your vehicle, replace the oil filter too. A clean oil filter is the best thing for clean oil. We have oil filters, air filters and fuel filters.

AC Condensers – An AC condenser that's going bad may cause your AC to stop blowing cold. If you notice it blowing hot air, you may need a new condenser. We have this and other HVAC parts.

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