2011 Honda ELEMENT 5-DOOR Trims & Engines

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The 2011 Honda Element 5-door was the last year for this compact crossover that was designed to take your family on vacation or friends to the park. It has a lot of cargo area, and you can throw your volleyball gear or luggage on the roof racks. When you need new parts, buy OEM Honda parts for parts that will last as long as the original.

Body Panels – Your body panels can become damaged by everyday use. There are parking lot incidents and it’s easy to bang a door against a garage door. We carry replacement body parts like the panels, doors and trunks.

Brake Calipers – When you apply the brakes, the calipers press the brake pads against the rotors and stop the wheels from turning. A bad brake caliper may not let go when you release the brakes, causing the brakes to drag. We have replacement brake parts like these and more.

Lighting – Your vehicle needs lights so other drivers can see you at night and you can see them. Headlights, taillights and turn signals all burn out. We carry all of these lighting system parts and more.

When you need OEM Honda parts, buy genuine parts because they are exact fit replacement parts. We offer you wholesale pricing and free parts lookups, so we help you get the right part. Buy your new OEM Element parts now.