2009 Honda RIDGELINE SEDAN Trims & Engines

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In the 2009 Honda Ridgeline Sedan, Honda made over 50 changes to the interior and exterior, which included drivetrain improvements and tow hitches. This unique truck is built on a melded chassis and body structure. Because your Ridgeline truck drives like a sedan, you make sure you take great care of it and use only genuine OEM Honda parts for exact fit replacement parts.

Air Filters – The air filter keeps dirt and debris from getting into your engine as you ride down the road. This filter needs to be replaced often. We carry air filters, oil filters and fuel filters.

Door Handles – The door handle is a part that’s made to last a lifetime, but door handles do have some moving parts and electronics that can go bad. We carry door handles, doors, windows and other body parts.

Emissions System Parts – Before your exhaust goes out into the atmosphere, the emissions system has to clean it. These parts get hot and can wear out. We have valves, sensors and other parts.

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