The Most Interesting S2000 LS Swap You’ll Ever See

Ever seen a Honda S2000 with an LS1 Corvette engine? Now's your chance - check it out!

The 2017 Civic Type R: What We Know

The highly-anticipated 2017 Civic Type R will hit dealerships in late spring - and here's what we can expect!

3 Common 2008 Honda Accord Brake Problems

The Accord is a reliable daily driver, but even the best cars sometimes have maintenance issues. Find out about the most common brake problems for the 08 Accord.

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Offers More Range Than Toyota's Mirai

How do the Fuel Cells of the Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai Compare? Find Out!

5 Things Honda Did First

Check out these 5 little-known firsts that prove Honda is a true industry pioneer.

8 Legendary Video Game Hondas

Video Games: A fun escape where you can crash cars without consequence! Here are our 8 favorite video game Hondas.

Honda Engine Codes - P1456

Find out how to troubleshoot OBD-II code P0118, and how to fix the problem on your Honda.

7 Honda Accessories For Your New Ridgeline

Check out these must-have OEM accessories that will help you get the most out of your Honda Ridgeline.

Honda Engine Codes - P0118

Find out what Honda OBD-II code P0118 indicates, and how to fix the problem on your vehicle.

5 Crazy Cool Honda Concepts

Honda is no stranger to innovation, and here are five ultra cool Honda concepts to prove it!

An Ode to the Civic Hatchback

The Civic Hatchback has long been a mainstay of the Honda Family. Join us for a brief look back at its history.

11 Old-School Honda Civic Ads That'll Take You Back

Take a walk with us down memory lane, and check out these 11 awesome vintage Honda Civic print ads!

5 Hondas We Miss

They say all good things must come to an end, but we can't help but sorely miss these 5 great Hondas!

Brief History of the CR-V

The drivability and affordability of the CR-V have made it a best-seller for Honda. Here's a brief history of this compact SUV market mainstay.

15 Fun Facts About the Accord

How much do you know about the best-selling Honda Accord? Test yourself with these 15 fun facts!

How The CR-X Turned Into the CR-Z

Comparing the 1983 Honda CR-X to the latest CR-Z model may feel like an apples-to-oranges scenario, but it’s far from it - here's why.

7 Lego Hondas We Wish We Could Drive

Check out some of the most amazing Hondas you'll never drive...if only these Lego Hondas were life size!

New Ridgeline vs. Tacoma - How Honda Outclasses A Loud, Unrefined, and Low Budget Pickup

Find out why the 2017 Honda Ridgeline Sport is the next great thing in the compact truck market.

How to Hypermile Your Accord Like a Pro

Hypermiling is all about modifying your driving habits to improve fuel economy - and here's how you can become a pro at it.

10 Things You Didn't Know About the Honda S2000

The S2000 is a popular sports car with a devoted following - and here are 10 things you probably didn't know about this awesome niche Honda.

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