2006 Honda Fit: Not Your Typical Daily Driver

Why’d you buy your Honda Fit? There’s a lot of utility in the 4-door, front wheel drive subcompact by Honda. It gets excellent fuel economy, can fit a surprising amount of cargo, and has a cool kind of novelty to it, doesn’t it? One Honda Fit owner decided to make his car stand out from the pack.

Honda Fit modified

This super clean, stunningly blue Honda Fit has obviously had a lot of care put into it.

While the owner gives little information, it’s obvious that there are suspension and appearance modifications galore on this ride.

Honda Fit suspension mod1

Honda Fit suspension mod2

This sub-compact is equipped with an aftermarket hood, what appears to be tinted windows, and eventually aftermarket wheels.

Honda Fit aftermkt hood

Honda Fit tinted window

Honda Fit aftermkt wheels

It also seems to be quite a bit closer to the earth than the stock height Fit cars.

Honda Fit lowered

It’s also got Cusco rear upper strut AK Spec C-Pillar TRE Modified X bars.

Honda Fit X bars

The owner did a really great job on this street compact, with a lot of subtle styling throughout.

Honda Fit subtle style

Honda Fit custom grille

Honda Fit yellow intake

From the custom grille, painted emblem, to the yellow intake cover, there’s obviously been a lot of care that’s gone into this Fit — making it one of the coolest around!