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The 2013 Honda Pilot came with a few changes like a standard rearview backup camera, a USB connector, an 8-inch LCD screen and Bluetooth for hands-free operation of your phone. It also came with tri-zone climate control, so everyone stays comfy. You drive your Pilot every day to get the kids to school and sports practice. When you need new parts, buy OEM Pilot parts because they are made to last as long as the original.

Coils – The coil is needed if your ignition is going to spark. If it goes bad, your engine may misfire or have a rough idle. We carry replacement coils, ignitions and starters.

Control Arms - The control arms connect the suspension to the rest of the vehicle. If they wear out, then you will have drivability issues. We have control arms, wheels and axles.

Distributor Caps – The cap is home to the spark plugs, and they cause the combustion needed to drive the engine. A bad cap can cause a cylinder to stop firing. We have caps, starters and more.

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