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The 2013 Honda CR-Z is part of the first generation that started in 2011. There was little change to this year, so the sport compact, hybrid electric CR-Z is still a 3-door coupe. When you need a new part for your CR-Z, you buy OEM CR-Z parts for exact fit replacement parts.

Air Filters – Your engine needs fresh air in order to run smoothly. We have replacement air filters, oil filters and fuel filters.

Brake Calipers – The brake calipers clamp the rotor and hold the brake pads to the metal in order to stop the wheels. The calipers can stick, so replace them if you notice them not getting a grip. We have brake parts for your CR-Z.

Coil Springs – The coil springs keep your ride smooth by moving the wheels up and down as you go over bumps. Springs can wear out over time, so check your suspension parts regularly. Buy Honda suspension parts like coil springs, shocks and struts here.

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