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The 2012 Honda CR-Z is a hatchback, sport compact with a hybrid engine that lets you use the battery power or engine power. It’s fuel efficient, and fun to drive. When you need replacement parts, buy genuine OEM Honda parts because they meet the performance needs and fit of your CR-Z.

Brake Lights – When you press the brake pedal, you want anyone driving behind you to know that you’re going to stop. The brake lights let them know, which prevents them from hitting you. We have lighting system parts like brake lights, turn signals, fuses and more.

Interior Accessories – A new set of floor mats will go a long way towards keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and worth more money at trade-in time. We carry mats, emblems, trim and other interior accessories.

Brake Drums – The brake shoes grab ahold of the brake drums when you apply the brakes. This stops the wheels from turning. A bad brake drum could prevent you from stopping. We carry drums, shoes and ABS parts.

At, we offer a large selection of parts and accessories. Buy from us and get fast, affordable shipping and wholesale pricing. We also give you no hassle returns. Buy your OEM Honda parts now.