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The 2008 Honda Pilot 5-Door was the last model year for the first generation of these mid-sized crossover SUVs. It’s available in either 2WD or 4WD and comes in two trim packages. Maybe your Pilot has leather seats, a moon roof, and wireless headsets. When you do any maintenance on your Pilot, make sure you buy genuine OEM Honda parts for a part that fits and will last as long as the original part.

Air Filters – Your engine needs to breathe fresh air, so the air has to be sent through a filter to get rid of dirt and other road debris. Without clean air, your Honda engine won’t perform at its best. We have replacement air filters, transmission filters and fuel filters.

Door Handles - Door handles can be complex when they have electronics built into them. While they’re tough parts, you might have one that’s damaged. If so, we have replacement door handles, locks and other door parts.

Emissions System Parts – The emission system keeps the pollutants down in your exhaust, and it’s instrumental in ensuring your engine performs at its peak. We have replacement valves, sensors and other parts that can go bad on your vehicle.

At, we offer you wholesale pricing and free parts lookups. We are one of the largest Honda parts retailers in the U.S., so we have a large inventory on hand. Buy Your Honda parts today.